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Back on Instagram :~)
2imcummingyo:  Hi, I hope you aren't offended, but can I ask you something and you answer it privately? Well... I'm half white/asian, 21 years old and I'm 5.2 inches long and 5 inches round when I'm hard... is that ok? I mean, would that be enough for you? Sorry if this is offensive to you

If all men could not leave me messages like this one, that would be much appreciated!!

Anonymous:  Please forgive me ( courtney 💚) I can't stop loving you 😁

Bryan Adams reference!!! 

Anonymous:  You're honestly one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen. You look like Charlize Theron and you could pull off any hairstyle that you please. I personally loved the pink hair, if I'm being totally honest. xo

I’ve been alikened to so many celebrities I bare no resemblance to (winona and keira for example). I don’t see it! But regardless, thank you X

Anonymous:  Update your tumblr more so I have something to do at work!!! Yours sincerely "damepeaches" xoxo

Love ya xx

succummb:  Gurrrrrrl I miss your Instagram posts. Imma keep a close eye on your tumblr to get my mermaid porn fix ❤️❤️❤️


Anonymous:  Where you been?

Living my life.

Shia trains at my friend&#8217;s gym and he basically wears this exact outfit while on the treadmill and that&#8217;s kinda sexy in an obnoxious way like??

My family and I are planning our first white christmas!!! :) where should we go?? Canada, America, Japan or somewhere in Europe?

How cool is it having to ask people for their money owing - not once, twice but three times!!! Hahahahaha not.

Let&#8217;s talk about this for a second